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We guide you to find what program will help you reach your goals

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Programs and pricing

You can start on a short-term plan, make long-term plans, or challenge yourself



Price Varies

What do you get?
  • Unlimited Fitness Classes

  • Meal Plans + Grocery Lists + Cooking Classes
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions + Messaging with your coach

Group Classes + Coaching

$39/week - $79/week

Some key features
  • Trainer Led Group Fitness
  • Cooking Classes + Meal Plans + Fitness App
  • Coaching available based on tier

All Inclusive + Personal Training

$120/week - $150/week

Some key features
  • Workouts built for you and ongoing goal adjustments
  • Cooking Classes + Meal Plans + Fitness App
  • Coaching Included
  • 1-on-1 available based on needs for different cost

All plans include

Having the right tools makes all the difference in your results

  • Nutrition Coaching

    Get the right information and not the latest fad diet. Learn about what will help you lose weight and body fat now, while also being able to keep these habits for decades.

  • Fitness for You

    Our coaches are world class at making sure people of all levels and ages can workout, be challenged and stay safe.

  • Cooking Classes

    If food is boring or hard, we won't stick to it. We brought these into every program so that we can make cooking fun, easy, and help you get better at it.

  • Coaching On-Demand

    We are here to answer all your fitness and nutrition questions. Let us help guide you and continue to fit health into your life, even when it gets hard.

  • Coaching Sessions

    We found that meeting with coaches in a group setting helps people to see they are not alone in their journey. These weekly sessions allow us to make a plan, celebrate wins, and have a space to ask questions together.

  • On demand Workouts and Meal Plans

    We have on demand workouts, virtual sessions available, written workouts and meal plans and more. We support you in all aspects of health. Is in-person better, probably, but it is better to have tools to fit health in than not!

Are you sick of putting in the work with no lasting results?

Come learn how we can be the last program you need to start..

Frequently asked questions

Need some quick answers?

What do you teach for a diet?

We teach on a system called the calorie density principle, which means we teach you to eat foods that are the highest in nutrients and lowest in calories. It gets more in-depth, but that is the simplest way to understand it.

I have never worked out, can I still be a member?

Most of our clients start having never worked out before or not in years. We work with you on day one to have proper form and help guide you to challenging yourself.

Do you have long contracts?

We don't do any long term contracts, we want you to be part of our community as long as you want to or can.

Can I handle my own food and just workout?

Of course! We have the tools, but not everyone needs or is ready to use each piece. We want to support you in the best way we can right now!

Why do you have cooking classes in a gym?

We found that when people enjoy the food they are supposed to be eating, it makes it easier to stick to. So with that in mind, why not have a guide there to teach you about spicing, sauces, and cooking technique to make the process fun and delicious.