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About us

Meet our team and learn about how we support YOU!

Our culture

We are results driven but practical. We are all about making consistently good choices, not trying to be occasionally perfect. So we work with you to continually learn to fit health into your life.

We like a competative atmosphere, but not with eachother. We want to workout as a group with everyone just trying to do better than they did last time. 

We want to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Change is made outside of our comfort zone, so we will challenge you to get there, in the best way!

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Who we are...

Whole Health Club is a true transformation center. Our coaches are dedicated to bringing you the most efficient, healthiest plan to help you crush your goals. We brought a kitchen onsite to show you what to eat. We offer many different programs based on your desired outcome. We take each person through initial onbaoarding meeting to make sure we set expectations and give you all the tools you need to succeed. This is the treatment that the famous athletes and celebrities get for a fraction of the cost!

Fitness for Every Level

Our fitness it feels like a personal training session with your best friends. Our coaches build amazing sessions and are able to modify for all levels and any injuries. Each session is a unique experience with the highest level of coaching. We focus on YOUR goals. This isn’t a generic workout, this workout will help crush your goals. We use free weights to help you get the most out of your workouts. Our coaches focus on motivating you, correcting your form, and celebrating every win! Come check these out to feel the difference.

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Yay food and belly!

Nutrition and Cooking Classes

We offer cooking packages, but something that we do different is that we incorporate cooking into your program. This is what allows our clients the hands on experience to develop the skills needed to make healthy food taste good! We offer plant-based cooking and nutritional guideance along with it. So not only can we discuss what to eat but truly show you how to make it. Nutrition and cooking are the next development in health. We are bringing that in-depth guideance to everyone.

Your Coaches

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Chase Parker

Chase is a former Division 1 athlete turned strength coach at 2 different universities. He moved to the private sector early in his career to help bring coaching to everyone. He is understanding and practical in his approach.

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Paige Parker
Founder/Boss Lady

Being a founder and developer of the brand, Paige is a driving force of Whole Health Club. She is the brand and has helped thousands. She has brought together the best team and vision.

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Elizabeth Acosta
Plant Powered Captain

Elizabeth keeps our whole community going. She not only cooks and coaches, she also makes sure to work with all our clients to help with what they need.

Esther Garcia

Esther Garcia
Lifestyle Guide

Our top coach and the person who helps our clients fit health into their lives. She takes a practical approach that helps anyone make the changes needed and make them apart of their life.

megan coyle

Megan Coyle
Community Connector

Our community connector will help to find the right program to fit your goals, She will help you customize, adjust, and overall, connect with our community!

Phillip La Cour

Phillip La Cour

Phillip is a fun coach that will make sure you walk out feeling better than you walk in. He will make sure the workout is a challenge, doable, and gets you results.