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About Whole Health Club

About Whole Health Club

Whole Health Club is a true transformation center. Our coaches are dedicated to bringing you the most efficient, healthiest plan to help you crush your goals. We brought a kitchen onsite to show you what to eat. We offer many different programs based on your desired outcome. We take each person through initial onbaoarding meeting to make sure we set expectations and give you all the tools you need to succeed. This is the treatment that the famous athletes and celebrities get for a fraction of the cost!

Meet Our Instructors

Elizabeth Acosta

Born by the beach, raised by the mountains. Plant-based momma of 2 sharing healthy, fun recipes for you the family!

Elizabeth is our Jack-of-All-Trades. She teaches fitness, zumba and cooking for us!

Esther Garcia

Esther is a very knowledgable coach and fitness trainer that will help guide you to the best version of you. She is bilingual and great at helping to push you to get better. She is one of those coaches that you walk out thanking for kicking your butt!

Phillip La Cour

Phillip is a certified coach and fitness instructor. Through capturing the idea of keeping people safe and challenged in class, people leave his classes feeling like they were pushed but still smiling.

Megan Coyle

Our newest addition, Megan brings a fun and energetic energy to the gym while still helping and understanding. She knows how to get you into the spot and make sure you are getting pushed like never before.

Chase and Paige Parker

Chase and Paige are the owners of Whole Health Club. They are experts in nutrition and fitness. They like to take a practical approach to help you fit health into your life!


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