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Weight Control

Have you dieted, worked out, saw results but haven’t maintained them? We will help coach you to new habits and results!


Have you started programs and then lose your momentum? Our accountability system and coaches will keep you on track and help you crush your goals!


Are you sick of dieting without seeing the results? Do you want to learn how to build lasting health? Learn about how our plan is different!

Gym Fees

Your health is worth investing in! Find a plan that fits your goals and budget. Sign up today to learn why our community and results are worth it!


Benefits & Outcomes


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It is always a good idea to check out a gym before coming in, but setting up a time to speak with a coach is the BEST way to see if it fits YOU!


Meet Your Coach to Develop Your Roadmap

This roadmap is all about learning your goals and dreams, then giving you the BEST plan to help you reach those goals.


Start Your Journey and Reach Your Goals

We have your plan, we have the community and support, now is the fun part, seeing your RESULTS!

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From the Gym

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Keeps You On Track

“One of the best gyms I’ve been to. I found them on Facebook and did the 2 week trial and I’ve been going for over a year. If you need a gym that keeps you on track, teaches how to cook healthy meals and has great work outs this is the place you need to be! The entire staff is AMAZING! Highly recommend if your trying to reach any fitness goals or just trying to start a healthier lifestyle.”

~ Nicole Hewitt

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100+ Pounds Down

I have been at Whole Health Club for 3, almost 4 years and have gotten in the best shape of my life. I am down more than 100lbs, even though it hasn’t been a perfect journey, my coaches have guided me through the entire process. I have gone down and up and back down, but each time I learn more and this time my habits have stuck. My journey is not finished, but 100+lbs down feels amazing! 

~ Lisa Sandy 

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Outstanding Classes

“I can’t say enough positive things about Whole Health Club. The staff is positive and puts forth effort to get to know each individual. The classes are outstanding and always have a positive vibe, not only with the staff but with the participants. The positivity of the place just flows through everyone. The meal plan is fantastic and good eating choices should be a part of every health club. All the extras that are included at the Club make it an outstanding health club.”

~ Paige Carr