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Lose 18.3lbs in 6 Weeks and Make It Last

A One-Stop Shop for Fitness, Nutrition and Cooking

Results Driven with YOUR LIFE in Mind

A Healthier Life You will be Proud Of

Here is how it works...

Free Consultation

This is our time to learn about your goals, past, successes and struggles. Then we find a plan that will work for you.

Blueprint Session

This is when we will put the pieces of your plan in place. It is one thing to have a plan and another to actually fit it in your life. This session allows us to do both.

Stick to the Plan

With our plans, it is not enough to just have it, you will work with a coach during your journey to celebrate wins and if the plan is not working for any reason, fix it!

A suite of tools at your disposal

We have everything you need to be successful

paige training

Trainer Led Fitness

Take the guesswork out of your fitness plan. Gone are the days of spending time thinking about what you need to do to reach your goals, simply get in the door and we take care of the rest with expert led fitness sessions.

What We Offer:

Gorilla Strength Classes

Kangaroo Tone Classes

Ostrich Endurance Classes

Honey Bee Zumba Classes

Personal Training

Cooking Classes and Nutrition

We not only work with you on the plan to stick to for results and healthy habits, we also teach you how to make healthy food that tastes great! Combining the right foods to eat with how to make the taste good is a recipe for success long-term. (pun intended)


Accountability Coaching

With our coaching, we make your plan fit in your life. The hardest part of sticking to habits is finding the time and energy. Our coaches are on your team, guiding you through the planning and helping you stick to it when life gets busy. We are here to celebrate with you and fix the plan if something isn't quite right.

"WHC is a personalized gym which focuses on the individual and their fitness goals. The coaches are fantastic and take the time to understand their clients needs and direction. And they offer plant based cooking classes in their onsite kitchen! Certainly a whole person based system."
-Trinity Om

Contact us

We will reach out to you once you submit our form, however, if you are so eager that you want to reach out to us:

Call us at: (720) 295-0817

Email us at: